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Biopiracy Case Study India

Conclusion The paper concludes that given the roots of biopiracy in colonial legacies, forms of resistance may need to appropriate colonialist epistemologies. One example of such appropriation is Vandana Shiva's own campaign, which casts seed ownership in the imagery and rhetoric of Mahatma Gandhi's fight against British colonialism in India.

  • Biopiracy Case Studies Professor Michael Blakeney FACULTY OF LAW Outline 1. Plant breeding 2. Biodiversity 3. Biopiracy 4. Case studies 5. Role of patents in biopiracy Plant breeding Engineering the modern tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) Plant breeding- source material

  • Case Studies Biopiracy © Until now, the implementation of the fair and equitable sharing of gains, though stipulated in the Convention on Biodiversity and the FAO International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources, is largely inadequate. The rewards resulting from the use of genetic resources are not going to the countries they came from.

  • Biopiracy a major concern for Traditional Knowledge There have been several cases of biopiracy of Traditional Knowledge (Indigenous Traditional Knowledge) reported from India in the recent past. Need to protect and preserve Traditional.

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